Administration and business support personnel are always in high demand. Businesses increasingly require both permanent and temporary staff who have the technical and communication skills needed to work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

Whether you’re recruiting for a new permanent hire, short-term emergency cover, or a fixed period for a maternity or paternity contract, iPlace Recruitment works on a genuinely consultative basis to offer a variety of recruitment options. 

Call Centre

As specialists with filling roles within the entire range of different call centres, we can connect you with the right professional and dedicated call centre personnel for you. Whether you need customer service employees who have demonstrable experience with resolving specific enquiries, or results-oriented inbound or outbound sales staff, recruiting for call centre staff has some unique challenges.

Many call centres often experience a very high turnover of staff, who usually need a unique combination of aptitudes and skills. Call centres tend to recruit by running assessments for groups of candidates as it is more cost-effective, allowing for them all to be interviewed and tested at the same time.

Customer Service

A talented and professional customer service team is super crucial to maintaining a successful business. As a growing number of offshore-based customer service centres are being relocated back in-house, demand for local talent has increased with it. Our specialised customer service recruiters source top customer service professionals across a wide range of industries on a permanent, contract, and temporary basis.

To ensure that every placement is a mutual fit in today’s constantly evolving customer-first culture, we partner a recruiter with each client to find the most skilled candidates available. From bilingual customer service representatives to multimedia specialists, our range of flexible recruitment services are available to help you source the kind of talent you need to succeed.

Data Entry

Data entry is an essential and vital component for businesses of all sizes to be able to function smoothly. With the ever-increasing development rate of technology, the skill of working accurately with data is going to also increase in demand. Recruiting quality candidates for data entry positions has changed over recent years because the required skills have changed.

Finding the right candidate can often make all the difference, as data entry positions are now often combined with customer service duties and administrative tasks. That means the right candidate will often need a varied skill set to be successful, from the usual expected organisation skills and high attention to detail, to more specific skills such as familiarity with certain computer software and other specialised experience.

Executive Assistant

There have been considerable changes in the role of Executive Assistant over the past few decades, with the position having greater strategic and operational involvement. When it comes to recruitment of an Executive Assistant, it’s always important to understand the value of cultural compatibility in the workplace over simple candidate competency.

Providing unparalleled business and administrative support, junior candidates for this position will often provide support for multiple managers, while candidates for more senior roles will offer support in a one on one capacity. The most senior candidates will eventually remain with their Executive and provide them with support as they progress within the business.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants will most often be recruited to support individuals with a high net worth, such as entrepreneurs or celebrities. The successful candidate will typically have access to very sensitive information such as security codes, banking details, and other important documents, while also being responsible for travel arrangements and household management.

When recruiting for the role of Personal Assistant, it is always highly dependent on the individual they are supporting and their family. That means to find the kind of candidate that will suit you best, we must understand your specific needs, your individual personality, and your household style. We take a full in-person brief in order to ensure we find your ideal candidate who will ultimately be able to begin by hitting the ground running.


Even though some companies now keep their reception areas un-manned, receptionists in large firms, banks, and a variety of different size corporate offices are still in high demand. The right receptionist can also become quite a powerful marketing tool simply by building relationships with each guest and then promoting the accomplishments of the business.

Receptionists are quite often the literal face and voice of your company, so identifying a candidate that can be a true brand ambassador for you is essential. We generally suggest in-person interviews at your office so they can get a feel for their fit within your company culture. This allows for better identification of candidates who are most likely to thrive in the receptionist role for longevity within your business.

iPlace Recruitment

Instead of simply placing candidates so that we meet KPIs, our recruitment methods are always relationship-driven. We like to get to know our business clients over time, and then meet each recruit individually to ensure we always match each role with the perfect candidate for your company culture.

Our highly trained recruitment specialists use a combination of local expertise, market knowledge, as well as our candidate database to place exceptional candidates in business support roles for companies across a variety of industries. We are so confident in our recruitment process for permanent, temporary and contract positions that we offer a six-month guarantee to ensure we have made the right choice. Contact iPlace Recruitment today and let us fill your business support position.