Call centres remain a key function of customer service teams for many companies because customers would often prefer to get immediate assistance and personalised solutions by interacting with a real person. Rather than wait for a response via email or talk to a bot via live chat, customers can simply contact the call centre, tell the agent their problem, and instantly receive a resolution. That’s why so many businesses still have a robust customer-facing team who are manning the phones.

Call centres can provide either proactive or reactive customer service. This means that they can either act as traditional customer support by responding to incoming calls, or they can make outgoing calls to possible or existing customers with a variety of service offers. Many businesses now have proactive customer services which enable them to build stronger customer relationships allowing them to capitalise on opportunities to cross-sell and upsell.

How iPlace Recruitment Can Help

It’s well known that call centres can often be plagued with low morale and frequent staff turnover due to the stress that can be associated with the role. Without having steps in place which ensures hiring strong candidates, additional costs of high turnover can have a negative effect on your business. But there are more issues with a bad hire than simply financial costs. The wrong hire can also cause lasting damage to overall customer satisfaction and damage your company’s reputation, both from the poor performance of the individual as well as compounding effects of overworked employees during times when you’re understaffed.

When it comes to filling call centre roles, getting things wrong can be costly. Advertising the position, sorting resumes, arranging interviews, onboarding new hires, and then training them all takes a lot of time. On the other hand, getting things right really pays off with reduced levels of turnover and savings of both money and time. That’s because the right candidate will always provide a higher level of comprehensive customer service, which results in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Instead of simply placing candidates in call centre positions to meet KPIs, our recruitment methods are always relationship-driven. To ensure we always match each role with the perfect candidate for your company culture, we get to know our business clients and meet each recruit individually. We are so confident with our call centre recruitment process that we offer a six-month guarantee to ensure we have made the right choice.

What Should Call Centre Candidates Look For In An Employer?

Depending on the needs of each organisation, call centres are either in-house and owned by the parent company, or they can be employed as a third-party provider. Both of these options have pros and cons, which will influence your successful application for the call centre position. For example, in-house setups might require a high level of knowledge regarding all aspects of the brand’s product or the specifics of services they provide. Alternatively, third-party call centres may not require any technical knowledge at all, with the required information supplied via prompts on your computer screen.

What Should Employers Look For In A Call Centre Candidate?

Hiring the right candidates for call centre positions is tougher than many realise. New hires will need to have an excellent phone manner with a strong skill set that’s motivated by customer success. This ideally includes having a team-first mentality, a strong ability to work autonomously, intuitive communication skills, rapid learning skills, and be able to switch between tasks in a fast-paced work environment.

Call centre agents should also be tenacious problem-solvers who are genuinely committed to enhancing your customer’s experience with your brand. The right candidate should innovate when required to increase productivity and be able to quickly bounce-back after dealing with an unhappy customer.

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