Customer service roles generally encapsulate anything involved with providing service and support to customers by liaising between your business and your customer base. As more businesses recognise the importance of positive customer interactions, customer service is becoming an increasingly in-demand industry. These positions can include helping customers with the decision-making process when purchasing or providing them with post-purchase support to ensure customers have a positive brand experience.

The vast majority of companies offer some kind of customer support depending on the particular industry, from retail, healthcare, and hospitality, to insurance, technology, and more. Some customer service positions are actually the same roles but have varying job titles, whereas some have the same job title with wildly different responsibilities. They could be employed to work in the marketing or sales department, or the position might be in a call centre or even for a third-party agency.

Customer service professionals are often involved when customers initially come into contact with a company, as well as proactively soliciting feedback to ensure customers are pleased with whatever service or product they purchased. That’s why, depending on the position, customer service agents often require specialised knowledge of whatever your company sells.

How iPlace Recruitment Can Help

Customer service professionals are hired to serve as a primary contact point between businesses and their consumer base. A good hire increases brand loyalty with an excellent customer experience that creates positive buzz resulting in a healthy bottom line and likely repeat business. Alternatively, a bad hire often means a negative customer experience causing your customers to feel unhappy or frustrated, which can seriously damage the reputation of a brand, affecting the market share of your business. Whereas the right candidate always provides a much higher level of comprehensive customer service, which is much more likely to result in increased customer satisfaction.

Constantly advertising for new customer service employees, then finding, hiring, and training them is often a time-consuming and expensive process. To help enhance your recruitment strategy when it comes to customer service agents, we increase the efficiency of the process as well as the quality of hires, which ultimately reduces your rate of staff turnover. By providing access to our hiring and recruitment data, you can specify exactly what qualities, skills, and characteristics are the most important for candidates to fit into your organisation.

Our recruitment methods are always relationship-driven, rather than placing candidates in a customer service position simply to meet KPIs. We ensure we always match each role with the ideal candidate for your company culture by getting to know our business clients as well as individually meeting each prospective recruit. We have so much confidence with our customer service recruitment process that we provide a six-month guarantee for each hire to ensure we have made the right choice.

What Should Customer Service Candidates Look For In An Employer?

If you have stellar communication skills with the right amount of personality, combined aptitude for solving problems, you could certainly consider a fulfilling career in customer service. When companies are looking to fill positions within their customer service departments, they are generally looking for candidates who have excellent communication skills and are comfortable with technology such as telecommunications platforms and in-house tracking systems. You should be able to multitask with ease, simultaneously expressing empathy while actively communicating with customers while also entering data into a computer or other device. Having an aptitude for learning quickly as well as the ability to translate any technical information into language that is easy for others to comprehend.

What Should Employers Look For In A Customer Service Candidate?

Employers should seek candidates who can express genuine empathy, easily build rapport, as well as quickly understanding other people’s perspectives. These are hires who actively listen before responding with warmth, which ultimately makes consumers feel validated, understood, and valued. While computer literacy often plays a large role in most customer service positions, they are skills which are most often relatively easy to teach. That’s why focusing on each candidate’s ability to satisfy clients and solve problems is suggested. What’s more, the right candidate can skillfully control their own emotions which allows them to de-escalate situations rather than make them worse. This is a crucial attribute of excellent customer service hires as they are the most likely staff members to deal with unhappy customers.

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