When it comes to recruiting in the healthcare industry, an increasingly aging population coupled with a shrinking candidate pool with not enough healthcare workers, is making it difficult for all. This translates into an oversupply of employment options for doctors, nurses, and physicians. Thankfully as healthcare recruiters, iPlace Recruitment knows how to build interest in your healthcare opportunity, to find the unreachable, and fill your healthcare or medical position with a top-quality hire.

General Practitioner

General Practitioners are most commonly required to diagnose and treat patients for a variety of mild, complex, and chronic medical conditions. These primary care physicians must be able to provide comprehensive clinical services to a diverse patient population from infants to the elderly. Conducting an effective recruitment search for a General Practitioner can be exceptionally overwhelming and time-consuming, even for some of healthcare’s largest organisations. This is often mainly due to a lack of recruiting resources meaning they’re likely to face challenges that will have a direct impact on both productivity and patient care. Some of these challenges can include not having access to enough possible candidates and slow turnaround.

Practice Manager

Finding the right all-rounder hire for this position is extremely important for the success of the medical practice, as the candidate will act as a resource for information and ambassador for all patients, physicians, and staff. Practice Managers usually work for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, or veterinarians and are responsible for the overall development and success of a medical practice’s operations. They generally oversee the business side of the practice including record keeping, hiring and training of administrative staff, and otherwise ensuring everything is compliant with all industry regulations, while also ensuring it operates within a set budget.

Registered Nurse

Nurse recruitment and staffing mean so much more than simply filling a position. Assignment lengths and nursing specialties should be fully customisable to suit the unique requirements of your facility. We provide services that go above and beyond those typically provided by nurse staffing agencies by assisting with the management of your entire recruitment process. Whether you need permanent recruitment of nurses for your medical practice, travel nurse recruitment for your acute-care facility, experienced home health care nurse recruitment, nurse leaders for an interim, or the flexibility of per-diem nurses; iPlace Recruitment can help.

Medical Administration Staff

The value of dynamic hospital administrators has never been greater. The right hire will be able to utilise their expertise for administering, planning, organising, directing, and monitoring all outcomes of the health and medical services. Hospital administrator roles often vary between institutions, with larger facilities requiring them in one specific clinical area, such as surgery, neurology, cardiology, and obstetrics.

On the other hand, smaller facilities may require Hospital administrators to oversee multiple departments including admissions, education, research, personnel, and finance. A truly essential component for the efficient function of hospital systems, these medical administrators are vital for the quality of care that hospitals provide their patients. Hospital administrators coordinate all medical departments within the healthcare facility to ensure they are always functioning as a whole.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied health covers a broad group of medical professionals who utilise scientific principles and apply practices in order to optimise client and patient outcomes. Through the application of management, administration, and medical skills, the right hire should be able to support health care systems within a variety of settings. Allied health professionals are candidates who can diagnose, evaluate, and treat chronic and acute diseases, as well as promote wellness and disease prevention for optimum client health. These health care administration systems are important management components of the majority of allied health positions.

iPlace Recruitment

Our Health Care & Medical Recruiting division has the dedication and the necessary experience to provide you with top-tiered medical candidates with all of the required qualifications for each position. We are experts when it comes to locating new passive medical candidates and are always continuously building and refreshing our internal health network.

If you need per diem or direct placement of healthcare staff, full-time assistance with the management of your healthcare facility, or you are looking to fill an immediate medical opening, our highly trained staff are here to help. Whatever the situation, we can provide top-quality candidates with whatever specific expertise, skill sets, and qualifications you need for successful healthcare staffing in the long term.

Rather than simply placing candidates in healthcare or medical positions to meet KPIs, our recruitment methods are always driven by relationships. We ensure we always match each role with the ideal candidate for your company culture by getting to know our business clients as well as individually meeting each prospective recruit. We have so much confidence with our customer service recruitment process that we provide a six-month guarantee for each hire to ensure we have made the right choice.