For the majority of us, COVID-19 continues to influence how we operate as a business with many staff still working from home wherever possible to reduce any risk to the team. Many companies that we speak to are now realising that it can work and some are even considering reducing the amount of office space that they rent on a permanent basis.

Many Managers have adapted to the new way of life providing instructions for staff via online meetings and regular catch ups. Some however, are still struggling when it comes to receive quick responses to emails or receiving information immediately via a brief chat in the office.

We are finding some underlying frustrations from clients who expect an immediate response from an email because the perception is that working from home equals sitting at your desk for the entire time. It’s trying to navigate expectations vs reality which can be tricky.

Here’s a few tips on how to manage staff and your expectations in a work from home situation taking into account personalities and work output which has now become more flexible in the current environment.

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