I am fundraising for Ronald McDonald House CEO Walk In My Shoes

Why am I doing this?

I have been lucky enough to recruit for the house for over 10 years. I am hugely invested in the team of people who make the house run. Imagine receiving the worst news possible – your child, your niece, nephew or grandchild is seriously ill, and the family need to relocate in order to receive the lifesaving treatment. How is that even possible?

My first thought would be – where will we live? How are we going to afford this? We can’t split the family up!

The families that stay at Ronald McDonald House Charities are away from their home, their support system and everything they know. The House provides them with support to ensure they can concentrate on what is most important, their sick child and family.

The house is open 365 days a year offering families a place to stay at no charge. Imagine being told you have a place to stay – at no cost. You don’t have to rent an apartment or move around from hotel to hotel. You can all stay together in the one place.

You will also have access to home cooked meals and educational programs so that when the time comes that your child can return to school with their mates, they haven’t fallen behind.

None of this is possible without this organisation which is why I am asking that if you have even the smallest amount to spare, you consider donating via