Mark Velasco

As we all know, seeking a career change can be daunting at the best of times. Add a Covid Pandemic to the search & it can be terrifying. However, the team at iPlace Recruitment were able to contain that experience for me with their professionalism & support. The iPlace Recruitment team achieve this by ensuring that they understand you as a person & as a professional. Getting to know your personality traits allows them to narrow down the type of environment that is best suited to you. While determining your professional skillset ensures that you will be able to use them effectively to succeed in your new role. Understanding both qualities allows iPlace Recruitment to match you with a company that will benefit your career in the long-term. Now that I am on the opposite of the interview table, our firm will once again use iPlace Recruitment to add to our team. Their ability to understand a business will ensure that, like myself previously, that new team member will not just have the desired skillset but will also fit into our work culture & be provided with a fulfilling career. Hence whether you are about to embark on a career search or looking to add to your team, look no further than the team at iPlace Recruitment. – Nov 2020