Data Entry as a role

The role of Data entry involves using processes such as typing on a keyboard or using voice in a microphone to enter, verify, and edit various types of data into computers. This role can often come under different titles such as coder, transcriber, typist, or word processor, depending on the type of data being entered, or the industry they work in.

Companies often hire permanent or temporary Data Entry staff to transcribe meeting notes, sales figures, and all other types of raw data into electronic format databases multiple times during each day. This type of work is available in most industries but is most commonly found in areas such as finance, retail, healthcare, and transportation.

Why they need recruiters to help them find an employee

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Recruiters spend every workday sourcing talent. It’s all that they do, so not only can you be confident that they know what they’re doing, they’ll almost definitely be able to fill the position much faster too. That’s because recruitment agencies like iPlace know where to find the best candidates and what skills they should have.

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Deciding to give the responsibility of recruitment to an agency like iPlace will not only yield better results, but it will also free you up to focus on all the other aspects of running a business.

What should a candidate be looking for in an employer?

There are certainly some advantages to working in a Data Entry role, such as easy access to jobs. With many businesses constantly needing quality Data entry staff there is an abundance of work available out there, so most people can easily find employment.

Another plus with this role is that the barriers for entry into this field of work are quite low. In fact, compared to most other jobs, the effort and cost involved to gain the necessary skills for a Data Entry position are considerably lower.

When looking for an employer in the field of Data Entry, it’s important to know that there are several different payment methods in this industry. The most common payment method in Data Entry is based on typing speed, so faster typists will most likely earn more money. Alternatively, some companies might offer an hourly wage, whereas others will pay per project. So find the company who will pay you in a way that suits you the best.

What should an employer be looking for in a candidate?

With the recent rise in the number of companies needing accurate data entry, there has been an increase in demand for skilled, fast, and accurate data entry staff. If your company is looking to fill some data entry roles, it’s essential to find candidates who have the right skill combination.

Obviously accurate and fast typing with minimal errors are all absolute must-haves for Data Entry hires. Candidates who have experience as well as basic knowledge about data entry software may be useful, as would experience with different operating systems and office software.

Data Entry professionals are required to perform a repetitive job working for long hours in the day, so the right hire will be the epitome of patience and dedication. This role is not for anyone who gets distracted or bored easily.

In the end, you should be looking for data entry experts who can enter data quickly, accurately, and patiently, without getting bored with the repetitiveness of the work.