Sales and marketing are complementary departments which can either make or break a business. Get it right, and your business experiences exponential growth. Get it wrong, and your business is dead in the water.

Sales and marketing professionals are more empowered now than ever before. They have an intimate understanding of consumer needs, which they use to unlock insights, translating this information into winning business strategies. From contextualised and customised solutions for today, to solving consumer problems of tomorrow, the best sales and marketing hires ultimately increase the bottom line of businesses by continually optimising and innovating their methods.

The demand for high quality, experienced sales and marketing talent has increased over recent years thanks to the increasingly rapid digital transformation of many businesses. Companies everywhere are continually investing in their sales and marketing divisions, recognising the role these professionals play in increasing profits by driving strategies to smash their targets and exceed KPIs.

Our dedicated specialists at iPlace Recruitment have a proven understanding of the intricacies within sales and marketing positions, which allows them to find the most suitable, cutting-edge, and strategic professionals for potential employers of all sizes.

Brand Manager

Identity is becoming increasingly important in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. With the right Brand Manager, your identity will have a lasting impression on consumers which improves overall sales and market share. By monitoring the market trends and then creating brand guidelines to be followed by all employees, a Brand Manager can ensure that advertising and marketing are both cohesive and sending out the right image.

Often employed by consultancy firms or in-house marketing departments, a brand manager oversees all aspects of marketing and advertising of a company’s products or services. They ensure that brand values and company image are constantly followed by working closely with a wide range of different divisions within a company, such as researchers, product developers, and marketing personnel, as well as external businesses like creative agencies or advertising firms.

Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager is usually in charge of identifying, investigating, qualifying, and sourcing new business opportunities, before implementing and fine-tuning their development. This core function of Business Development Manager is commonly generated through new or prospective relationships and is determined by a combination of targeted industry sector groups and upper-level management. Other responsibilities of this position also include any relevant administrative duties, relationship management, as well as any number of sales functions, such as onsite visits, cold calling, and telephone or digital sales.

The challenging position of Business Development Manager requires someone with a demonstrated understanding of processes for business development and marketing strategies, as well as effective networking capabilities. The right hire will likely be a self-starter with drive and motivation, and is best suited to someone with lead generation skills who is as resilient as they are hungry for success.

Event Coordinator

Also known as Event Planners or Specialists, Event Coordinators are completely responsible for planning events and ensuring they are a success. This includes all aspects involved with the planning of a wide range of event types and sizes, such as venue selection, services arrangement, cost determination, menu approval, and seating plan development, while also monitoring client approval and providing a post-event evaluation of success.

The right candidate for the role of Event Coordinator must be highly organised with attention to detail and sound knowledge of all aspects of vendor management. Excellent communication skills are also extremely vital in this position, as successful event coordination will always be dependent on the tailored requirements for each client.

Event Manager

Events play a huge role in the success of an organisation or a brand. While the role of Event Manager can vary depending on the industry and company they work for, they are usually in charge of planning and organising all types of events, whether they’re promotional, for business, or a more social gathering. This primarily hands-on role requires someone who can work as part of a team while organising corporate events like conferences, seminars, or exhibitions, as well as arranging celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and other milestones.

The Event Manager is fully responsible for managing the entire event process, from initial planning stages, to all aspects of running the event, and any follow-up meetings or client evaluations once the event is over. They will also need to ensure the event message is marketed properly and that the target audience is successfully engaged. While some employers may require a qualification in a related subject, most companies will be looking for a hire who has the right skillset, personality, and industry experience.

Marketing Analyst

While this role will often be different depending on the type of employer, Marketing Analysts or researchers collate information with political, social, or economic data and specialise in either qualitative or quantitative research. Most Marketing Analysts are hired by marketing agencies who work on projects directly with clients from companies in a wide range of different industries. Once the analysis has been presented, it allows the clients to make more informed decisions regarding their businesses.

Client-side positions will most likely be required to collect information on specifics that affect the company directly, such as customer opinion and marketing or investment trends. The right hire for this position will be confident in all aspects of data analysis and enjoy the challenges of communicating the resulting information and data.

Marketing Assistant

A Marketing Assistant usually ensures company branding is presented consistently while simultaneously providing support to other marketing team members, as well as other managers, senior associates, and other executives, as well as company directors at times. Despite being a junior position, the right hire will be responsible for campaigns being branded correctly and delivered before deadline, to ensure the company or specific product retains market visibility.

Though a degree in marketing or communications may be preferred by some employers, the right candidate for a Marketing Assistant position will be highly organised, with strong communication skills, who constantly improves and optimises while working autonomously.

Marketing Coordinator

While the role of Marketing Coordinator often varies between different businesses and industries, most senior positions are most commonly responsible for all aspects of brand strategy. The Marketing Coordinator commonly reports to the Marketing Manager in larger-sized companies, whereas smaller businesses may have them working directly under the Managing Director.

With social media and business branding still at the forefront of marketing efforts, the demand for highly skilled Marketing Coordinators continues to increase. As they will usually be directly responsible for the promotion and protection of your brand, Marketing Coordinator positions should be filled with a candidate who understands and embodies the same business values.

Marketing Director

Marketing Directors are usually responsible for providing direction, leadership, and guidance for the marketing department, whether they are marketing a brand or organisation as a whole or a particular product they sell. The perfect hire for most Marketing Director positions will have suitable qualifications in business or marketing, as well as experience with the management of marketing teams and campaigns.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Director will usually be to build brand awareness by developing marketing strategies, directing research efforts, planning marketing efforts, coordinating marketing plans, overseeing assigned accounts, and as well as monitoring the project as a whole before evaluating their results.

Marketing Manager

Marketing is an integral part of almost every sector of business. While the role of a Marketing Manager can vary significantly between companies, their central objective is usually to ensure that customer’s expectations are met while simultaneously maximising profit margins. This multi-disciplined and important position likely includes aspects of branding, advertising, communications, research, direct marketing, and public relations.

Marketing managers usually work alongside company staff from other departments as well as with copywriters and design teams from external agencies, so communication is key in this position. The role often requires them to think creatively while utilising a wide range of marketing concepts and sales techniques devising new ways to get the brand message out to existing clients and potential customers.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistants typically work in retail stores where they are generally responsible for liaising directly with customers to ensure that transactions go smoothly. As they greet customers at the front lines of the company, Sales Assistants are usually expected to be friendly, presentable, and enthusiastic. Sales Assistants are often also responsible for stocking shelves, merchandising, and ensuring store clean.

The main goal of this position is to increase the revenue and growth of a company by providing a high level of customer service. The right hire will either need to learn quickly or already know about the range of goods and services offered by the company, because this role will require them to answer any customer questions while assisting them with their purchase decisions.

Sales Coordinator

A Sales Coordinator uses their leadership skills and sales experience to motivate their team of sales staff while promoting customer satisfaction, and handling a range of administrative duties. By coordinating sales-related activities, supporting sales representatives, and maintaining customer relationships, a quality Sales Coordinator is often the driving force in achieving sales targets and KPIs.

While the role of a Sales Coordinator is often different between different companies, the right hire will have excellent organisational and problem-solving abilities, with a focus on quality customer service and communication skills. Employers looking to fill a Sales Coordinator position will often prefer to hire a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or similar studies, combined with a minimum of 2 years of sales experience.

Sales Director

Also known as the Director of Sales, a Sales Director leads the sales team with the goal of improving sales performances to increase sales and company growth. The right hire in this position will be responsible for directing sales teams and the development of sales tactics, growth strategies, and action plans to meet annual targets and other KPIs.  

The Sales Director in many companies will focus on increasing revenues and making more sales by understanding customer trends and building relationships. Other duties may also include making strategic plans, preparation of budgets, and implementing sales training. The best candidate for a Sales Director role will be a natural leader who motivates and inspires others, as well as excellent communication and relationship skills.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers generally provide leadership, guidance, and training to their sales teams by overseeing their performance and analysing data. They will also be tasked with facilitating whatever training is required, creating sales plans, assigning sales territories, setting individual sales targets or KPIs, and tracking sales goals. Most company structures will provide their Sales Manager with whatever they need to develop and implement business plans, coordinating with the marketing department any new ideas for lead generation.

The right candidate for Sales Manager roles should maintain company competitiveness and innovation within the market, while increasing customer acquisition, and setting achievable targets for revenue growth. Outstanding communication skills and a bachelor’s degree in sales or marketing is commonly sought by many employers, while previous leadership experience in a sales role is also desirable.

Sales Representative

Someone in a Sales Representative position will usually seek out any sales leads and engage with potential clients, allowing them to showcase the company’s products or services, answer any questions, and discuss pricing structures. Generally responsible for all aspects of lead generation so they can meet sales goals or KPIs, results-driven Sales Representatives will also conduct sales presentations, host product demonstrations, and negotiate contracts or discounts with potential customers.

Sales Reps ultimately work hard to boost acquisition levels, revenue growth, and product profitability by providing complete product solutions for each customer enquiry. The right hire for the role of sales representative will have superb interpersonal and communication skills, with an intimate understanding of all dynamics involved with sales processes, so a candidate with sales experience would usually be preferable.

Sales Support

Sales Support Specialists generally undertake a variety of administrative tasks that will provide sales teams with the support that helps them gain product sales and maintain customer satisfaction. Organised and efficient in all that they do, Sales Support Specialists will usually ensure orders are processed expediently while responding to a wide range of customer queries or complaints.

Responsibilities for someone in this position are usually focused on high levels of customer service and management of client accounts, which may include tracking lead generation, recording sales data, and providing quotations or sales packs.

The most successful hires for Sales Support Specialist positions have a high level of customer service, with excellent skills in communication, organisation, and time management.


iPlace Recruitment

Our dedicated consultants at iPlace Recruitment all have extensive industry-specific experience of these positions, as with established backgrounds in sales and marketing departments. This firsthand experience means that we understand the competencies and core requirements required for all of these positions, which is invaluable for potential employers searching for the most suitable and professional candidates.

From Marketing Directors right through to marketing coordinators and sales assistants, iPlace Recruitment looks through a diverse range of staff sources located across multiple sector verticals to ultimately provide you with the most suitable candidate for each position.

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