Adventures in Interviewing……Lash Attack

Lash attackSo I’m waiting at my desk for my colleague to let me know that my interview is ready. She was 20 minutes late, no call and no apology.

I walk into the room and shake her hand and always try to make people feel instantly at ease – it brings out the red flags way quicker.

My candidate – let’s call her “Betty” was sitting across from me and if I’m honest I detect a wee bit of attitude. You’re right Betty, my bad for sitting here waiting for you to turn up for your interview 20 minutes late – how dare I. Stop it.

Attitude aside, she was well presented with beautiful skin, a lovely smile and…Oh my god what is wrong with her????

I’m looking at her face and I just can’t figure out what was going on here. I scanned quickly, like the Predator and quickly try to analyse what I’m up against. And then, like something out of a 3D movie it hits me. She’s lost one of her false eyelashes and as she flicks her hair for the 87th time in 3 minutes I realise it’s hanging from one of her extensions. It’s like her left eye is about to fly out of her head yet her right is almost recessed back. And I’m fixated. I actually can’t believe she can’t feel that one of her tarantulas has fallen off. They are so long and for about 15 seconds I’m questioning how someone can even see through lashes that long.

She continues talking about her current boss and how much she hates her. Cue 2nd red flag. Interview  101 – don’t bag out your current or former employees.

After 10 minutes of hearing why she can’t get on with any of her female colleagues I realise I’m too far gone and every time she makes a move, this lash lunges towards me and is hanging by a strand. In that moment I’m visualising this lash clinging for dear life like something out of Cliffhanger.  Three red flags later and I’m done.

I decide then and there that I will introduce her to my colleague to get a second opinion and as we walk back into the room, she immediately spots the lash and snorts. How am I suddenly the most professional person in the room!!!

It was later that evening that I chuckled to myself at the thought of her arriving home and looking in the mirror….

Moral of the story – always check your appearance in a mirror before an interview.